The SHEQ guide for best practices

The SHEQ guide for best practices

How would you like to get up to speed on how you can reduce waste, enhance productivity and improve employee knowledge? With 5S Plus from Brady, you can do just that, and more! Best of all, it is absolutely free…

Download the 5S Plus Guide (and watch a video) here.

Brady adds that the waste-reducing benefits are further enhanced with an on-site label printer, such as its BBP37 Sign & Label Printer, which allows you to print what you want to print, whenever you want to – at the point of use.

“The BBP37 Sign & Label Printer supports safety and operations professionals to quickly create a safer, more productive facility with multi-colour and multi-shape signs and labels,” says the international manufacturer. “The printer offers great colour and cutting capabilities as well as a simple, automatic label setup and intuitive touchscreen to make any sign on demand and on-site.”

Increase productivity and reduce accidents
Attention-grabbing safety and lean facility signs can reduce machine downtime, increase productivity and help to meet compliancy, safety and efficiency goals. “These instruct employees and contractors on optimal work procedures, warn against dangers and promote safety precautions,” comments Brady, pointing out that the BBP37 printer enables professionals to create highly customisable signage to increase a facility’s safety and productivity on demand and on-site.

“The BBP37 is compatible with Brady’s wide range of durable label materials, able to resist the toughest industrial contexts. Multi-colour printing and cutting features enable users to create a wide variety of signs with just one label supply.”

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