The future of mining safety

The future of mining safety

In the mining industry, finding new and advanced ways to avoid incidents and injuries is crucial. On-site accidents can shut down an entire operation, so it’s important to keep abreast with advances in technology that can help prevent accidents altogether

At this year’s Electra Mining Expo, the industry was treated to a huge selection of equipment and technology specifically aimed at preventing incidents and injuries. One of the most interesting exhibitors was Schauenburg Systems – a manufacturer of mine safety systems and equipment, which is a member of Schauenburg International Group.

The focal point of Schauenburg’s display this year was its SCAS II Collision Awareness System. This capable and innovative system uses an early perimeter warning function that alerts vehicle operators, and everyone on the ground, of a potential hazard. This allows the vehicle operator, as well as anyone near the vehicle, to take the appropriate action.

Schauenburg’s Collision Awareness System employs dual-band RF technology that warns the vehicle operator if it detects a vehicle, pedestrian and/or a fixed hazard in one of its three configurable warning zones. In addition, the system shows the orientation of the potential hazard.

The future of mining safety The equipment is designed for underground use and can also be configured to provide vehicle-interface signals such as “crawl and stop” via a Controller Area Network (CANbus). LED warning lights and an audible alarm will warn pedestrians of the vehicle’s movements.

To improve the system’s functionality and to help operators use it as effectively as possible, warning events are stored on the vehicle unit, as well as the cap lamp radio. This means specific information can automatically be transmitted to the control room from strategic locations while the vehicle is in transit.

If the mine infrastructure doesn’t allow for automatic downloading of data, the information can be manually uploaded through a manual wireless interface unit.

In an industry fraught with hazards, and where operations often take place in areas that are difficult to access, this collision warning system and the collection of data is an extremely valuable asset. Aside from the massive safety advantages, it also allows operators to assess each situation and learn how to improve their mining operations.

Schauenburg Systems has designed and engineered its offering for mines to be modular in concept and application. Any system can be easily modified to meet mine- and site-specific requirements.

Schauenburg prides itself on excellent service and works with clients to find the perfect solutions for their specific requirements. Regular interaction and liaison with customers and technology suppliers ensure state-of-the-art products.

The company’s full-maintenance agreements ensure that equipment always remains in good working condition. The technical support teams at Schauenburg Systems undergo stringent technical training to ensure the highest standard of workmanship, especially where lifesaving equipment is involved.

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