Outsmart the storm

Outsmart the storm

Strike Alert, represented by Allpronix South Africa, is a portable lightning detector that provides early recognition when lightning is approaching. The small device is impact-resistant and has the ability to detect lightning from as far as 60 km.

An audible alarm warning sounds before lightning is in striking distance and a corresponding LED light illuminates. The detector is housed in a small, pager like casing and can be clipped onto a belt loop. It is low on power consumption and shuts off after two hours if no lightning has been detected.

When lightning is detected, Strike Alert lights the appropriate LED, indicating the distance of the strike. The indicator allows the user to see all lightning activity within the 60 km range.

Strike Alert uses a trend of strike distances over a period of five minutes to determine if a storm is approaching, departing, stationary or if there is no activity at all.

The unit is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and those working in industries that require working outdoors or at great heights.

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