Much to celebrate at MSA

Much to celebrate at MSA

The month of March marked a hat-trick of celebrations for the African arm of MSA – an American-based global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of safety products.

First, it marked the company’s 75th anniversary. MD Colin Oliver notes that although the company has changed with the times, its mission to protect people has not wavered.

“Despite the problems in industry, our business has grown in excess of 30 percent year on year. MSA’s product supply and service departments are doing well – we are stable and well-positioned for a future up-cycle. We will only become more nimble and flexible in the future,” he adds.

The company’s birthday celebrations coincided with the official ribbon-cutting ceremony of its new Parktown, Johannesburg, head office. The company has also moved its manufacturing and warehousing facility to new premises.

Much to celebrate at MSA

With over 10 000 products in the MSA portfolio, MSA Africa has the ability to easily adapt to market needs. This was evident in the launch of two brand-new products at the same event – the Gravity suspension harness and the PremAire Escape emergency escape breathing device.

Available in Premium and Light versions, the Gravity suspension harness boasts five anchor points, a central attachment point, fully padded leg loops, quick-release buckles and a unique integral load indicator. It’s also Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enabled, allowing it to be traced and monitored.

The PremAire Escape provides an emergency air supply of ten to 15 minutes and is designed to withstand industrial gas leaks and harsh chemical environments. A mask-hood is also available, which features two protection barriers – the AutoMaXX lung-governed demand valve and a hood/neck seal. A PremAire Combination Airline Escape, which allows the system to activate automatically if pressure in the main airline drops, is also available.

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