It’s a dangerous world

It’s a dangerous world

“If the shoe fits, wear it” is not necessarily apt in the world of safety footwear – the lack of useful, easy-to-digest information means that people are often confused. Unable to navigate complicated catalogues, they accept the misconception that as long as it has a steel toe cap, one shoe is as good as another …

This is far from the truth. Purchases based primarily on price and aesthetics – as opposed to function – often disappoint. Unsuited for the environment where they are used, these shoes do not provide an optimum level of protection or last as long as they should.

Beier Safety Footwear (BSF) is tackling this problem head-on with its new marketing campaign: “It’s a Dangerous World. Make it safe.”

Currently offering over 60 Bova and Sisi shoes, BSF has an established legacy of making workplaces safer with safety footwear that adheres to the strictest international standards. Over the years, the company has engineered specialist protection for operations as diverse as mining, construction, cold storage and security.

Now BSF is working even harder to ensure customers enjoy maximum on-the-job protection – by making sure footwear purchases are based on fully informed decisions, and ensuring that decision-making is as simple as possible.

In late 2012, BSF launched its ground-breaking Best Fit Online Spec Tool, which cross-references the entire BSF range with a user’s specific requirements. Using this tool it is possible to find the perfect shoe with just a few mouse clicks.

Driven by this same desire to streamline shoe selection, BSF has now completely overhauled its communication material. Product catalogues have been rearranged, with four self-explanatory categories introduced: Lightwear, for office and everyday business hazards; Heavywear for heavy industry demands; Extremewear for severe working environments; and Paramilitary for security and military operations.

Within each of these categories, individual shoe benefits and uses have been highlighted. Most importantly, the shoe’s resistance levels (e.g. slip, temperature, water) are visible at a glance in a handy ratings table.

This user-friendly approach has also been applied to the revamped BSF website. Boasting a clean, contemporary design, the site includes new functionality like Find Your Closest BSF Distributor.

While safety is a priority, BSF does not downplay the importance of comfort and style. Certified comfort features are common design inclusions and BSF has also been working with Italian shoe designers to introduce a vibrant sporty look to its footwear, particularly its Sisi shoes for women.

Ultimately, though, it is the safety of the world’s workforce that sits at the heart of BSF’s new marketing campaign, introducing a new way of thinking to customers – while continuing to offer superior value for everyone’s budget.

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