Effective risk management

Effective risk management

Managing risks for businesses that have multiple sites and use a contractor workforce is complex and time consuming. This can lead to time spent away from the core business. RAYMOND MOUSSA, business development executive at One Vision Solutions, continues his list of seven steps to manage risk and reduce costs in the long term

Issuing and recording all permits and safety licences

When issuing permits, such as those for hot work, working at height or in confined spaces, it can be difficult to keep track of the paperwork. Lost paperwork means businesses may be unable to prove that work is being carried out safely.

Using software such as Rapid Permit to Work, clients are able to ensure that all permits are issued from one centralised system; they are approved by the appropriate manager; associated risk assessments and safe work method statements are attached, and that it is possible to report on them.

Plant and equipment maintenance and service follow through

Online maintenance scheduling software, like Rapid Service Alert, allows a company to schedule regular equipment maintenance reminders. As a system that enables instant notifications of service requirements, the program can be used to provide regular reminders for audits, fire inspections and checklists.

When used together with hazard-management software, control measures applied to hazards can be allocated as serviceable items to ensure hazards are regularly serviced and controlled.

Any regular maintenance task can be scheduled and tracked in Rapid Service Alert with notifications and alerts delivered to the responsible person or contractor/supplier.

Auditing of systems and process for continual improvement

Rapid Auditor allows the business to manage regular audits (such as quality control, plant and equipment and process audits) from the one centralised software system. This means the allocation of tasks, notifications and tracking of outcomes can be comprehensive and streamlined.

Controlling access to site

Rapid Access Systems is an entry-point gatekeeper for a business wishing to control the risk of unauthorised site entry, or to prevent untrained and uninsured contractors from working on site.

By incorporating an iPad or touchscreen sign-in system at site, the worker must sign in and complete a site induction on screen before proceeding. When coupled with Rapid Contractor Management, the worker’s credentials and company compliance is screened and verified. An effective evacuation feature means that all site personnel can be accounted for by searching for the evacuation details on the Rapid Global App.

An important factor leading to inefficient risk management is the lack of best practice systems. Many companies struggle to manage workplace compliance and risks, such as incidents, when using Excel spreadsheets and simple databases. These simple software tools lack the sophistication to provide the user with specialised data management and notifications.

The consequences of the failure of these methods include damage to property and harm or injury to employees, contractors, or members of the public. The impact to the business can be catastrophic and lead to loss of productivity, damage to the brand and loss of revenue.

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