Brady increases workplace safety through visual tagging solutions

Brady Tagging

Brady provides a complete range of visual tagging solutions aimed at increasing safety and compliance for a wide range of equipment in the workplace.

The visual tagging solutions are ideal for directly communicating vital information on the equipment used, which will aid in increasing workplace safety and facilitate compliance with international directives.

“Think about plant and equipment on your site,” Brady recommends. “Without the latest information, people are prone to make assumptions.”
• How do you know if equipment is safe to use?
• What maintenance has been carried out and when?
• How do you identify it among the hundreds of similar items?

The visual tagging systems create a clear audit trail, ensuring that the workplace has a permanent data trail of inspections and work carried out (as well as evidence in a court of law if it is needed).

The visual tagging solutions each consist of a durable holder and removable inserts. They facilitate compliance by keeping inspection records on the equipment itself. Inspectors can place the date of their inspection and their signature on the tag’s removable insert when the equipment is deemed fit for use. If not, the insert can be removed, leaving a clear “do not use” message.

Workers can immediately see on the equipment itself when it was last inspected and if it was deemed fit for use, along with additional vital safety information to avoid workplace accidents.

The tagging is also designed for outdoor use; both the holders and removable inserts are made out of durable, ultraviolet-resistant and weatherproof materials. Information contained on the inserts should remain legible if written with a permanent marker. The holders can be tightly fastened to a wide range of equipment with cable ties, rivets, screws or adhesives.

To get a free Visual Tagging Catalogue with practical guidance, visit this link: Brady’s Visual Tagging Catalogue with Practical Guidance.

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