Your partner of choice for PPE

Your partner of choice for PPE

Select PPE protects workers and mitigates client liability by ensuring product quality and compliance with personal protective equipment (PPE) regulations.

A leader in the procurement and distribution of quality and application-specific products that protect people, Select PPE has evolved into an organisation that serves many industries on the African continent, such as: mining; manufacturing; agriculture; construction; petroleum; hospitality; medical; corporate; and security.

Apart from being a PPE distribution company, Select PPE provides customers with partnership-based management solutions for the procurement, issuing and record keeping of PPE. The company has more than 400 employees in its African operations and 160 on-site stores and warehouses.

Among service offerings such as risk assessments and waste management of PPE, Select PPE offers:

On-site stores

An on-site store at the customer’s premises is a solution to help employers comply with industry and regulatory requirements. Together with its customers, Select PPE determines an issuing protocol (IP), which stipulates the rules under which PPE will be supplied. This allows the customer to determine specific PPE requirements for each employee in line with their specific job function.

Retail stores

During 2014, Select PPE opened its first of four retail stores. The company plans to expand this hugely successful part of the business in the future. The retail stores offer a wide variety of PPE and clothing.

Direct sales and vending machines

Select PPE also caters for clients who do not have the capacity to host an on-site store, or those who do not have a retail store close to them, but still require the fundamentals of the Select PPE service. A vending solution option is also offered to customers that require a less labour-intensive supply of PPE.


The Select PPE online store includes various alternatives of compulsory items for clients to choose from.

Consignment stores

This stock is legally owned by Select PPE, but held by the customer. The customer has access to the consignment goods, at any time, and is only invoiced for goods removed from the agreed storage area.

Select PPE at Electra Mining

Select PPE at Electra MiningMarishka van der Schyff, Select PPE marketing manager, says the company exhibited at the show for the third time in 2016. “We found the event to be bigger and better than ever, and well organised – as always,” she says.

“For us, the focus was to attract potential key customers, introduce the new Select PPE brand and introduce our new range of PPE and outdoor wear. This includes our new Pride Protective Gear range. The show is definitely worthwhile – clients get to put a face to the brand; we get to create more brand awareness, and of course gain new customers and retain the existing ones,” Van der Schyff concludes.

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