XCell Sensor technology improves gas detection

XCell Sensor technology improves gas detection

MSA Africa’s Altair 5X has been improved by the inclusion of XCell Sensor technology, which plays an important role in ascertaining safety levels and significantly reducing the risk of exposure to harmful gases.

Suraksha Mohun, MSA Africa respiratory and fire helmets product manager, says that the XCell Sensor technology has fast-span calibration times and sensor response – which makes it 15 seconds faster than a standard sensor. “This multi-gas detector is capable of detecting emissions of six different gases at a time; CO, H2S, O2, SO2, CI2, NH3, and more,” says Mohun.

It boasts MotionAlert and InstantAlert, which are additional safety alarms. Mohun points out that the Altair 5X is agency approved and holds an IP 65 rating certification. “The sensor will last for at least four years and can survive multiple incidental drops of up to three metres onto concrete. Our customers will also continue to benefit from the fast sensor response of MSA XCell combustible, toxic and oxygen sensors currently used in the Altair 5X,” says Mohun.

A Photo Ionisation Detector (PID) can be added to the compact instrument, which can be worn all day, unlike most PIDs. It includes Bluetooth wireless technology that can be used with Android devices and the MSA app to wirelessly manage instrument data and setup. “It has been proved to deliver advanced safety and cost savings for thousands of satisfied customers worldwide,” Mohun continues.

The detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which can pose serious health hazards if inhaled by those working in harsh environments, can now be fully integrated into customer instrument fleets using the GALAXY GX2 Test Stand and MSA Link Pro Fleet Management software infrastructure – which enables data access and control of the Altair Gas Detector.

It has an 18-language capability and comes complete with sensors and a rechargeable battery with 13-hour autonomy. What’s more, there is a two-year warranty on NH3 and Cl2 XCell sensors.

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