Where the rubber meets the (safety) road

Where the rubber meets the (safety) road

You don’t need to be an avid motorsport supporter to realise that the rubber industry has had to evolve at the same pace as the vehicles it serves … Karbochem, an international producer of synthetic rubbers, is doing just this – with some added SHEQ flair.

Paul Pothas, Karbochem SHERQ general manager, explains that the company produced its first synthetic rubber in Sasolburg half a century ago. “In 1983 we commenced production in Newcastle.”

He adds: “Changes in the tyre manufacturing industry impact the synthetic rubber producers all the time. The way in which we are able to respond will determine our future.”

However, it’s not only about going “green” … The company is also unyielding when it comes to employee health and safety. Karbochem’s Sasolburg site and Bruma offices received their 30th Noscar – dubbed the Oscars of health, safety and environmental management – while the Newcastle site received its sixth Noscar at this year’s Noshcon awards banquet.

Pothas also received an accolade for his efforts in respect to safety, health and the environment.

He notes that the company is proud of the accolades that it receives, as they demonstrate how serious it is about occupational health and safety.

Looking to the future, Pothas states that the company has set common group targets: “We are pursuing these to ensure that ‘an injury to one is an injury to all’ philosophy becomes common to all sites and offices in the group. We can then all celebrate together when milestones are reached.

“Expect us to be at the next Noscar Awards for more!”

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