When the lights need to stay off

When the lights need to stay off

The Lockout/Tagout procedure, which involves the isolation and inoperability of the energy supply of industrial machinery during maintenance, is gradually becoming standard equipment in many European, Middle Eastern and African production sites. It is easy to understand why …

The procedure protects workers from the risks posed by live machinery, driven by various energy sources. It includes the use of lockout devices, personal padlocks and keys – depending on an industry’s specific needs.

Based on requests from Sweden’s automotive industry, Brady is now offering a line extension of its Lockout/Tagout Twist and Secure Push Button and Emergency Stop Safety Covers.

Just like the original red covers, the transparent Twist and Secure is a convenient lockout tool, which has the extra advantage of providing an obvious visual indication of the ON/OFF status of control buttons.

Both the steel industry in Poland and the mining industry in South Africa also requested a next generation Lockout/Tagout keybox. Brady answered this request by providing the new Safety Redbox Group Lockout Box, which can be placed (or mounted), in various contexts, while its quick-release mechanism offers great flexibility and portability.

At the same time, the new lockbox can be locked in place, preventing any possibility of retrieving a key, outside the lockout procedure, by purposely shaking the box.

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