Way forward for women at the Africa Energy Indaba

The fourth annual Women in Energy Conference is designed to drive an increase in the leadership and development of women involved in the African energy space. The one-day forum will provide a platform for advancing and promoting talented women within the energy sector.

The Women in Energy Conference is one of many official side events that will be held at this year’s Africa Energy Indaba (AEI), which also includes the third Africa Gas Forum on February 19; the eighth annual Nuclear Forum on February 20, and the fifth Independent Power Producers and Power Purchase Agreements Conference (IPP & PPA Conference) on February 22.

Women in Energy: A global perspective of women in Energy
According to the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI), there is a gender gap in leadership, as women make up only five percent of board executives across the global power and utilities sector.

Women’s leadership is essential for the task of building a sustainable energy future. By not honing the essential skills of women worldwide, the energy sector is profoundly lacking in essential perspectives and innovation. The Women in Power and Utilities Index (2016) tracked the number of women in the boardrooms of the world’s largest utilities by revenue, and it was established that 16 percent account for women on power and utilities boards, with progress at an extremely slow increase of only one percent over three years.

An analysis of return of earning (ROE) in the top 200 utilities in the world indicated that the top 20 gender-diverse utilities substantially outperformed the bottom 20, endorsing an obvious connection between gender diversity and financial performance.

Key future trends, and the way forward for women
Overall the energy industry is experiencing an era of transition and transformation, with new fuels, technologies and innovation motivating opportunities. A resilient, reliable and secure energy future is essential for the stability of the global economy. This trend is keenly felt on the African continent where the development of renewable energy and energy-efficiency schemes will create business opportunities, provide employment, and enhance economic development, enabling women to participate in the development of sustainable projects.

The AEI 2018 Women in Energy Conference facilitates an interactive hub that gives leading women within the energy sector on the continent, and beyond, the opportunity to network, share knowledge and achievements and encourage the further advancement of women across all sectors of the energy industry. It’s an industry that is buoyant with opportunities for multiple skillsets, for example, project engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, technicians, developers, distribution engineers and project coordinators.

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