Volvo cuts emissions

The Volvo V70 DRIVe has a CO2 emissions rating of 119 g/km.

The Volvo Car Corporation is leading European car makers in reducing carbon dioxide emissions – cutting its CO2 emissions by a notable 9%, according to the sixth annual analysis conducted by the European Federation for Transport and Environment.

“We are delighted and very proud of this result. We are following our ambitious plan which puts the spotlight on cutting carbon dioxide emissions,” says Stefan Jacoby, president and CEO of the Volvo Car Corporation.

Volvo’s concerted environmental focus, under the “DRIVe towards zero” banner, is the reason behind its achievement. Sales of fuel-efficient diesel-engined vehicles from the company’s DRIVe range, such as the V50 DRIVe with emissions of 99 g/km and the V70 DRIVe with 119 g/km, have been highly successful.

Volvo’s CO2 strategy also includes electrified cars with varying degrees of hybridisation, even more efficient diesel and petrol engines, and alternative fuels. The company aims to reduce to an average of 95 g/km across its total car sales by 2020.

The analysis by the European Federation for Transport and Environment shows how well European car manufacturers have succeeded in cutting CO2 emissions and fuel consumption in new cars. CO2 emissions from new cars sold in the EU dropped by 3,7% in 2010, with the average figure for new cars at
140 g/km.

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