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Uvex South Africa and the Rainer Winter Foundation are making a difference in the lives of two hearing-impaired children at the Eduplex School in Pretoria.

Through their annual sponsorship of the school fees for Thuto (7) and Seabelo (9), Uvex South Africa and the Rainer Winter Foundation have provided these children from disadvantaged backgrounds with an opportunity to receive a first-class education.

Eduplex is a parallel-medium mainstream and inclusive school, which caters for learners with normal hearing and a small number of hearing-impaired learners.

Each class hosts three to four deaf children. Making use of the latest medical technology (cochlear implants, hearing aids and FM communications systems) and with the help of classroom assistants, as well as access to speech and language therapists and audiologists, Eduplex offers hearing-impaired children exceptional facilities to aid their success.

Thuto and Seabelo both have profound hearing loss. This means that without hearing instruments only very loud sounds, like that of a jack hammer or the firing of a gun, can be heard.

Thuto, was diagnosed with profound hearing loss by the age of three and was fitted with top-of-the-range sponsored hearing instruments. Seabelo contracted meningitis at the age of 30 months, resulting in his profound hearing loss. With the help of sponsorship, Seabelo received a cochlear implant in 2012.

The sponsors will be closely monitoring the children’s progress.            

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