Two suits; 1,7 million possibilities

Two suits; 1,7 million possibilities

Dräger has introduced the new CPS 6800 and 6900 chemical protective suits.

Thanks to a multitude of accessories and equipment options, these suits are available in approximately 1,7 million versions. For example, safety gloves and safety boots are attached to the suit in a gas-tight design, but can also be exchanged. As an alternative to boots, the suits are also available with permanently attached gas-tight socks.

The CPS 6800 and 6900 protect against gaseous, liquid, aerosol and solid hazardous substances. The design has been reworked according to ergonomics – making the suits more flexible and comfortable.

Made from Umex, the suits are reusable and ideal for handling cryogenic substances (like chlorine or ammonia) and for working in cold environments.

In both suits, the regulation valve PT 120 L can be integrated for connecting various air sources. The versions with valves keep the wearer cool and reduce the humidity inside the suit.

The visor of the CPS 6900 can be combined with an additional anti-fog and anti-scratch visor to minimise possible impairments for the user. Apart from the integrated full face mask, the CPS 6800 can also be equipped with a flexible, gas-tight face cuff.

Both suits are available in five sizes and feature a gas-tight polyurethane (PUR) closing system. To further increase the comfort for the user, an individual height adjustment or braces are available options.

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