Training in Globally Harmonized System (GHS) – Labelling of Hazardous Substances

Training in Globally Harmonized System (GHS) – Labelling of Hazardous Substances

On Wednesday, July 20, the Chemical and Allied Industries’ Association (CAIA) is offering a one-day training course in the Durban area, on the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) regarding Labelling of Hazardous Substances.

The GHS is a system that requires all companies to follow the same rules and principles when classifying and labelling hazardous chemicals. When a chemical is classified as hazardous, there are specific requirements to follow when transporting, storing and handling the chemical. The label provides basic safety, health and environmental information of the chemical, including recommendations on protective measures and emergency actions.

The objective of the GHS is to create consistency when providing such information for dangerous chemicals. In order to establish uniformity, specific requirements have been laid down as to how information on the chemical label shall be given.

There are no specific prerequisites required in order to attend the training course, but delegates should at least have a Senior Certificate (Grade 12), and be familiar with handling and storage of chemicals and related safety, health and environmental requirements.

The training is aimed at SHEQ managers and risk professionals; technical and logistics personnel; supervisors and other personnel who handle and classify chemicals and personnel who need to implement GHS.

After the training, attendees will be able to:

•    Recognise and group various items found in the learner’s context, according to the impact of their material(s) on health and the environment;
•    read documented information on materials and understand its purpose and use;
•    understand the physical properties of the materials and relate them to the way the materials occur or are used;
•    describe the potential impact of the materials on health and the environment, related to their properties;
•    use materials in the learner’s context; and
•    transport, store and care for materials in the learner’s context.

The cost of the training is R2 200 (excluding VAT) for CAIA members and R2 750 (excluding VAT) for non-CAIA members. For more information, email Brianna Goosen on or call 011 482-1671.

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