The new standard of mine design

The new standard of mine design

WorleyParsons RSA, a project delivery company, comments on the development of a new ISO standard – ISO 19426 Design of structures for the mining industry

New ISO standards are developed to define requirements, specifications, guidelines, or characteristics related to an industry sector that can be consistently applied worldwide. ISO International Standards ensure that products, services and procedures are safe, reliable and of a good quality.

WorleyParsons RSA recently participated in two workshops (held in Stockholm in June last year, and in Dubai in January) to develop the new standard. A further meeting is planned for October, to be held in Toronto.

“We are providing input to this standard as we believe that the greatest contribution we can make to the mining industry is our experience, having executed the design and construction supervision of many shaft projects,” says Denver Dreyer, CEO, WorleyParsons RSA.

Once the need for a new ISO standard has been identified, a working group under the appropriate technical committee is formed, in this case TC82.

WG4, the working group for the development of ISO 19426, is chaired by Geoff Krige, a South African structural engineer with significant experience in the design of mining structures. The working group comprises a panel of technical experts from countries with an interest in structures in the mining industry.

One of the major challenges with the preparation of this code is to obtain buy-in from all the countries that are represented in the working group. This requires that aspects that are designed differently in the representative countries are discussed in detail, and an agreement has to be reached about the approach to be adopted in the standard.

Another aspect that proves challenging, is that all the members of the working group are volunteers, supported by their employers.

Hamish Riddet, senior project manager at WorleyParsons RSA, is the company’s representative for WG4. He says that, to reduce the overall time and effort required to prepare the ISO 19426 standard, the working group used the SANS 10208 code – a set of standards covering the design of mining-related structures published by the South African Bureau of Standards – as the basis.

“Using a document that was already available has contributed significant value to the process of preparing the ISO draft standard,” he says.

“We believe strongly in impacting the society at large, and participation in international standards is one of the ways in which we give back to the mining community,” continues Dreyer.

“These standards provide the industry with best practices, while ensuring that we enhance safety that is embedded in the design codes and construction activities. Participating in ISO standards is a positive way to impact safety culture in the greater mining industry and show the commitment of WorleyParsons to achieving zero harm,” he concludes.

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