The move towards cool PPE

The move towards cool PPE

American magazine Safety and Health recently did some market research into the latest trends in personal protective equipment (PPE). One of its findings was that employees now want to be provided with “cool” workday safety gear

Naturally, this gear still needs to keep them safe, but they also want it to perform to the level of their “weekend gear”.

“A worker who likes to hunt, fish or ski is familiar with the best in moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics, as well as comfortable compression fit gear. Given that familiarity, a pair of brown jersey gloves and a cotton duck coat and/or coveralls just doesn’t cut it anymore,” explains Greg Schrab, one of the PPE manufacturers, who was questioned.

South African providers of PPE also seem to be aware of this trend, and are striving to improve their offering. An example of this is Dromex’s new range of Conti & Conti reflective work-wear garments, which are now available in eight different shades: royal blue, navy blue, red, khaki, emerald green, black, orange and grey.

“We’re always excited to offer our customers more options, and because we understand that a rainbow nation requires a rainbow of colours, we expanded our Conti & Conti reflective ranges to consist of eight variations,” says Dromex general manger, Stephen Mallett.

All Dromex work-wear garments are manufactured in southern Africa. “Each stitch is diligently checked to ensure that all employees who use our products are comfortable and protected every day,” Mallett says.

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