Striving for excellence in health and safety

Striving for excellence in health and safety

Dekra Industrial RSA has been presented with three Noscar awards for 2016, and now qualifies for a fourth in 2018. This comes after scoring 96,46 percent during Nosa’s five-star system grading audit

Dekra has maintained the Noscar five-star rating consecutively for the past ten years. In 2014, the company was the winner of the Nosa national sector industry category.

Carina Brink, corporate health, safety and environmental (HSE) manager of Dekra Industrial RSA, says: “It takes dedicated teamwork and commitment from all levels of a company to be awarded a Noscar.

“Dekra Industrial RSA, its management and employees are committed to ensuring a safety culture and leading by example. We have realistic practices for handling hazards and learning lessons on a continuous basis. We also have an open-door policy whereby employees are encouraged to share and make suggestions to ensure a safer workplace for themselves, clients, suppliers and other workers in the same area.

Carina Brink, DEKRA HSE manager, and Christopher Mơörsner, DEKRA operations manager, collect DEKRA’s award from Nosa CEO Duncan Carlisle (far left) and MicroMega CEO Greg Morris (far right).“We do not prioritise only the safety and health of every employee, but also the safety of our clients, service providers, stakeholders, family and friends. Receiving this recognition forms part of the proof that we are committed to improving all aspects of working safely at the workplace, at home, on the road, as well as in our private capacity.”

Brink adds: “The Noscar recognition from Nosa is proof that all levels of management and all employees are committed, participate and contribute in ensuring that we will achieve our vision 2025 of being the global partner for a safe world.”

Dekra’s main objective is to achieve and maintain an acceptable level of compliance to the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, contractor management specifications and the HSE requirements of any other codes of practice and legislation that is applicable to its scope of work.

“To achieve this objective we continually evaluate and improve the processes and procedures that contribute to the ongoing updating of the HSE system throughout our company,” Brink adds.

“We will continue to strive for excellence and work towards our vision to be the global partner for a safe world,” she concludes. 

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