Skyriders keeps Eskom running

Skyriders keeps Eskom running

Skyriders, a leader in the South African rope-access industry, is celebrating its 15-year relationship with Eskom.

Mike Zinn, marketing manager at Skyriders, says the rope-access specialist has assisted the electricity utility with various tasks, such as internal boiler inspections, pitch fibre pipe inspections, coal bunkers, terrace bins, precipitator hoppers and ducting.

It has also carried out maintenance work on roof and side sheeting, bucket elevators and smoke stacks.

In addition to a permanent crew, Skyriders also has a large, multiskilled team available to carry out other essential maintenance and inspection tasks during any planned or unforeseen outages at Eskom’s fleet.

“What gives us our competitive edge is our extreme flexibility and responsiveness,” Zinn comments.

As a result, Skyriders has enjoyed a close relationship with Eskom for more than 15 years, carrying out work at most of its 13 power stations.

While the more traditional means of access have been used in this sector, Zinn argues that rope access is the ideal solution, as it enhances overall site safety during shutdown periods and provides efficient and quick access to high-elevation structures.

“The rapid rigging and de-rigging of self-sufficient teams allows trained technicians the flexibility to complete tasks much faster. Time is of the essence during any kind of shutdown situation at a power station, as it impacts on the national electricity grid,” says Zinn.

“Our technicians are responsible for the full remit. Rope access also allows a single team to undertake numerous tasks at various locations.”

Skyriders’ recent scope of work at various Eskom power stations has involved the application of protective coatings to two 250-m smoke stacks, steel-erection rigging and bolting, concrete repair and grouting on water-treatment plants.

Skyriders offers a variety of rope-access aided services to numerous industries, such as power generation, petrochemical, mining, heavy industry and facilities management.

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