Shout about hearing protection technology

Shout about hearing protection technology

Hearing protection is vital to prevent long-term, irreversible hearing loss. However, due to the fact that there are no immediate consequences, hearing protection is often not taken seriously enough.

MSA Africa has addressed this problem by introducing the latest technology in hearing protection, namely its Left/Right WW (Wireless World) communication solutions. The solution is available in two product versions, both with a Bluetooth-enabled headset.

“Hearing protection is often under-considered, when taking into account other forms of protection such as respiratory and head-and-face protection. There are no immediate effects associated with hearing loss, which occurs gradually over time. It is critical that end users understand the basics of hearing protection, and what solutions are available,” Tshepo Lebona, MSA Africa development sales manager, comments.

End users must be able to communicate directly with co-workers, as well as hear surrounding sounds, including alarms. Passive ear muffs are therefore not the best form of hearing protection, as the danger of isolation poses a safety risk.

The “cut-off” surrounding sound function on the MSA Left/Right WW Dual version means that surrounding sounds, such as voices and signals, are reproduced inside the ear muff, with an adjustable sound gain. This means end users are fully aware of their surroundings at all times, while being protected by passive attenuation.

Shout about hearing protection technologyMSA’s Left/Right WW communications solutions feature ergonomically-shaped ear muffs that provide a better match for any head shape, as well as following the ears. This means that the left and right cups are different, with up, down, and tilt adjustment for a perfect fit for all head profiles.

There are also two configurations with different headbands and helmets, with three adapters to fit various helmet models.

“Hearing protection can now be connected to a smartphone or Bluetooth radio, meaning that incoming calls can be received even while working in noisy environments.

“Workers remain protected while on the call, with a safe sound level inside the ear muff, as surrounding noise is filtered out by a high-performance microphone,” Lebona elaborates.

Bluetooth 2.1, hands-free and A2DP profiles are available, with a 3,5 mm jack auxiliary input. The navigation menu is available in 23 languages, while the power source is provided by two AAA batteries. Rechargeable 1,5 V batteries can also be used. A built-in FM radio tuner features an automatic tuning function, with an adjustable sound-mix level maintained at under the required 85 dB.

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