Sensible about cyanide

ATA International Training Division (ATA ITD), in an endeavour to educate mine employees on the safe use of cyanide in the mining process, has facilitated a comprehensive cyanide training course.

“Cyanide is a fast-acting, potentially deadly chemical that exists in colourless gas or crystal form. Most of the world’s gold and other metals are beneficiated through a method called cyanide leaching, whereby gold and other metals are extracted from crushed ore after being mixed in a cyanide solution,” explains Trevor Justus, director of ATA ITD.

The course outlines the following: how to recognise hydrogen cyanide; identify cyanide patients; cyanide first aid procedures; cyanide and structural fires; and scene management. Justus points out that “the training workshop is intended for all employees that may be exposed to hydrogen cyanide and may be expected to perform the necessary medical or first aid treatment thereof.”

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Boden, who has been CEO of ER24 since its inception in 2000, has had an upbringing steeped in emergency medical care.
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