Saiosh joins forces with SHEQ MANAGEMENT

Saiosh joins forces with SHEQ MANAGEMENT

Great news for Saiosh Members! The South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Saiosh) is pleased to announce that it has appointed SHEQ MANAGEMENT magazine as its official journal. ROBIN JONES, Saiosh president reports

We are continually looking for ways and means to enhance our member’s skills and knowledge. Remember that the subtitle on our website and all our correspondence says: “Keeping You Informed.”

Joining hands with SHEQ MANAGEMENT brings us this additional benefit for our members. The SHEQ team already has a large circulation list to which ours will be added. This increase in circulation ensures that important information is distributed to a much greater readership.

What made us decide on joining forces with SHEQ MANAGEMENT magazine?

• Serving all industrial sectors, SHEQ MANAGEMENT is published alternate monthly.

• It aims to provide up-to-date, relevant information to ensure the safety and well-being of employees in the workplace, while assisting them to prepare for emergencies and prevent disasters.

• SHEQ MANAGEMENT is the definitive source for reliable, accurate and pertinent information to guarantee health and safety in the workplace.

• The topics covered are those that are, or need to be, discussed in the boardroom.

• Readers include decision-makers and managers in the safety, health and environmental arena, SHEQ practitioners and officers as well as various labour and non-governmental organisations.

• It is our preferred marketing platform.

Robin Jones, Saiosh president.Saiosh has two simple objectives: to educate, motivate, support, inform, assist or lobby for everything related to the occupational health and safety (OHS) profession; and to do the same for OHS professionals.

In just over five years, Saiosh has grown from the seven founder members to just under 5 000 members. We are growing at roughly 175 members per month! We also have over 350 corporate members.

Some of the benefits that members already enjoy, include:

• Free OHS workshops in the major centres around the country, where top speakers discuss the latest legislation or other current topics;

• Free online e-learning programmes;

• Free access to legal updates of more than 250 Acts;

• National and provincial OHS conferences;

• Awards for top OHS students;

• Recognition of a member’s achievements in the field of OHS;

• Online updating of a member’s personal profile;

• And now, FREE subscription to the SHEQ MANAGEMENT magazine!

Members will receive six copies of SHEQ MANAGEMENT per year. This is delivered FREE to paid-up members.

If anyone subscribed to SHEQ MANAGEMENT directly, the cost, plus the postage, would already be more than the annual subscription of most of our members, who are in the Associate and Technical categories of membership. Now that is a bargain benefit!

The copies will be posted to the address entered on your personal profile page. There are two immediate steps that members can take to ensure that they don’t lose out on this magnificent magazine.

First, log on to your personal profile on our website: Check that your postal address details are correct and up to date.

Second, check that your membership subscriptions are also up to date. The SHEQ magazine will only be circulated to the members whose subscriptions are fully paid up.

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SHEQ Management

SHEQ MANAGEMENT is the definitive source for reliable, accurate and pertinent information to guarantee environmental health and safety in the workplace.
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