Safely rolling out the red carpet

NOSCAR 2012 award winners … recognised for roles fulfilled rather than roles played. These prestigious awards are only presented to those who maintain the highest levels of excellence in occupational risk management.

This year’s annual NOSCAR awards ceremony was held in the Theatre of Marcellus at Emperors Palace to commemorate the best and the brightest in terms of safety, health and environment management. JACO DE KLERK attended

NOSA, a wholly owned subsidiary of MICROmega Holdings and a leading global supplier of occupational risk management services and solutions, this year awarded NOSCAR status to more than 80 companies – all of which managed to achieve and maintain the NOSCAR level of excellence.

The first NOSCAR was awarded 39 years ago. The programme was introduced to give recognition to organisations that commit to continuously providing healthy and safe work environments for employees.

Safely rolling out the red carpetWith recipients of this prestigious award being recognised as companies that show measurable and remarkable dedication in maintaining the highest levels of excellence in their occupational risk management performance, winners were proud to receive their NOSCARS.

MICROmega MD Duncan Carlisle summarised their achievements perfectly: “I would like to congratulate tonight’s winners and remind you that you sit at the pinnacle of your industry. It is you and the organisations you work for who ensure that employees who come to work every morning go home to their families in the evening.”

He pointed out that too many companies leave occupational health and safety to chance, and said it was reassuring to know that there are organisations that recognise the importance of adopting best practices.

“NOSCAR companies are leaders in their respective industries and continue to outperform their peers,” said Carlisle. “They represent those unique organisations that place as high a priority on the safety and health of their workers, and their environmental footprint, as they do on their earnings.”

Only seven percent of all companies graded on NOSA systems achieve NOSCAR status, showing the extent of investments and dedication required before one can receive one of these awards.

It was mentioned during the awards evening that the annual NOSHCON Conference will be held from September 11 to 14 this year, again at Champagne Sports Resort in the Drakensberg.

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