Safe lockout for large gate valves

Safe lockout for large gate valves

With Brady’s new Collapsible Gate Valve Lockout (CGVL), workplace accidents caused by re-energising machinery during maintenance could be a thing of the past. 

With the CGVL, you can safely lock large gate valves, with diameters up to 457 mm, to secure the flow of energy or materials to machines. Workers who service machines can apply a padlock to the lockout device to lock a valve in the off-position. This prevents other workers from unintentionally recharging machinery during maintenance.

CGVL can also be used to secure the flow of water to firefighting systems.

Safe lockout for large gate valves

The new CGVL has a rugged, injection-moulded styrene design that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. The device can be coupled with any of Brady’s vast range of padlocks, available in several materials to suit the needs of specific industries. Up to two padlocks can be attached directly to the CGVL, while more padlocks can be added to safeguard larger maintenance teams by using Brady’s Lockout/Tagout safety hasps.

Brady says that with its practical tools, the CGVL is easy and flexible to use. It can be easily applied by rotating it around valves to make them inoperable. Thanks to its three-time folding system, it is flexible and easy to store or carry.

Watch the video and download the leaflet, and get the free Brady LOTO Guide!

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