S for safety, s for style

S for safety, s for style

Many of the industries associated with the SHEQ field are still very much a “man’s world” … and that can literally cramp a lady’s style. Not having the correct safety equipment, specifically designed for the feminine shape, can be dangerous, uncomfortable and, not to mention, unflattering.

With this in mind, Beier Safety Footwear has re-engineered its range of Sisi safety footwear for women after conducting research into the concerns of female workers. In many cases, interviewees were unaware that safety boots for women even existed and instead wore men’s footwear that was uncomfortable and unflattering.

Originally launched in 2008 as a sister series to the company’s Bova range, Sisi shoes and boots are specifically designed for the smaller, narrower shape of women’s feet. This means improved fit and comfort realising less strain on the body, which in turn enhances the wearer’s performance.

The 2014 Sisi range features a new sole shape, tread pattern and improved ankle support. The footwear also includes a greater mix of leather and synthetic fabrics in its upper construction. The shoes are lighter and several feature an eye-catching sporty appearance.

Intent on helping women to look good – and in turn feel more confident – Beier Safety Footwear recruited specialist Italian shoe designer Luca Bachet from Milan. Says Bachet: “Women’s shoes are driven by trends, even ladies’ safety footwear. Women don’t just want dull black, so this is an opportunity to include more colour.”

Beier has also introduced The Court to the Sisi range – the first-ever ladies’ shoe in its corporate-minded Executive series. The court shoe pairs perfectly with dresses and skirts so that the wearer can maintain a professional appearance at all times – while being legally compliant.

The Sisi range offers light, safety-enhanced office wear to hardwearing on-the-go boots – providing safety, comfort and style for ladies working in a “man’s world”.

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