Reaching new heights

Reaching new heights

MSA, one of the leading manufacturers of safety equipment, represented locally by MSA Africa, has added three pioneering training programmes to its range of fall-protection solutions.

“Each year, hundreds of workers die and thousands become disabled due to fall-related incidents,” explains Emmanuel Manaka, MSA Africa’s product manager, fall protection. “Often, these incidents are not caused by a lack of fall protection, but rather a lack of training on how to correctly use the equipment.”

Traditionally, fall protection training involves watching videos – without any human interaction or opportunities for trainees’ to correct their misconceptions, which can be invaluable. To address this need, MSA has developed a personalised training programme that implements a practical, person-to-person approach.

The programme enables trainers to show trainees’ the correct way to safely and effectively use fall protection, and includes:

• A one-day practical basic training course on how to correctly wear and use MSA’s fall protection range;

• A two-day course utilising the company’s training tower – enabling staff to be trained and equipment to be tested at their own work premises. This course also enables trainers to provide additional advice on optimising time and safety while working at heights; and

• A rescue training course offered through Fall Arrest Systems – the only distributor of Latchways’ permanent fall-protection systems in South Africa.

To ensure that MSA Africa’s representatives are fully in tune with the new courses, they have all been sent on a basic fall-protection training course – with 16 attending a three-day “Train the Trainer” course to enable them to provide customers with a more comprehensive training experience.

“This gives our customers access to trained individuals,” says Manaka, “instead of having to wait for a specialised trainer to become available.”

The one- and two-day fall-protection courses are free for MSA Africa customers and include advice on which harness to use for each specific application. The programmes also provide on-site training and detailed instructions on how to wear the safety equipment so it fits correctly and comfortably.

MSA’s training programmes cover all industries where working at height is required. The courses can also be presented at an additional fee to companies who are using third-party products.

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