Presenting a new dimension on SHEQ

Presenting a new dimension on SHEQ

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality – Guide to Managing Risk is the most authoritative text book available on the subject and was written with input from a wide variety of practitioners and experts in the field.

The book is an update of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality – A Practitioner’s Guide which was originally published in 1997. The main authors are George Germain, David Bird and Carel Labuschagne, with editing by Jo Enslin and Susan Arnold.

According to Enslin, of IRCA Global, a current trend is the integration of the four disciplines into the overall framework of an organisation’s management system.  “It is not intended that the disciplines be dissolved into a single discipline. This would not be practical or advisable, since each requires specific expertise, including some aspects that may require licensed or certified professionals,” Enslin explains.

“The integration of the disciplines comes through finding common elements or activities that follow similar guidelines, practices or requirements. These elements can be managed in a systematic approach, using methodologies that are effective for all disciplines and become an integral part of the overall management system.”

Throughout the book, the term “SHEQ practitioner” is used and is intended to have a very broad definition, not limited to the professionals with responsibility in any one, or combination, of the disciplines of safety, health, environment, quality and/or risk management. Instead, it also includes executives, managers, leaders, those involved in human resources, loss control management, risk management, engineering and students. The authors believe that SHEQ should be included in the framework of every management system and understood by anyone looking for better ways to ensure the success of their organisation.

The book presents a new dimension to traditional safety, health, environment and quality management, and serves as a fundamental manual for anyone with SHEQ responsibilities or interest. A wide variety of topics are addressed, and it contains the latest thinking, as well as guidelines for practical application of the concepts. It also presents practical applications through examples of forms, formats and easy to understand diagrams.

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