Power in the peoples’ hands

Power in the peoples’ hands

Sheccon Consultants has developed an advanced evaluation and performance- enhancement program to encourage employees to participate positively in the improvement of safety, health and the environment (SHE) within the organisation

Today, occupational health and safety (OHS) laws and the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), require all companies to ensure that employees adhere to corporate policies and procedures – and this needs to be recorded, documented and analysed.

Many companies sit with the predicament of paper exercises when undertaking analysis just to keep management informed. In most cases, a negative reflection on corporate management results when facts are revealed as current and on-going during incident investigations and random surveys.

A new solution is soon to make this a thing of the past; creating methods for encouraging company employees to participate positively in the improvement of SHE practices. Furthermore, it allows management an opportunity to track the evaluation and review of current preventative measures that have been implemented to reduce work-related hazards and risks to employees, visitors and the health of the public.

How does it work?

Briefly, a computerised system and a method are provided for comprehensive reinforcement of employee behaviour and management system reviews, by capturing direct information from employees about SHE.

This information is summarised and reflects the area or department, the current conditions of the area, personal behaviour at the time and communication – which highlights potential areas for improvement.

Data centres (portals) enhance the flow of communication between employees and management.The SHE information can identify areas of concern with respect to employees’ commitment to health and safety, and the need to review policies and procedures accordingly. This information can be obtained at any given point (in the form of a report, or a statistical graph) and actions can be monitored from a top-down, or a bottom-up commitment strategy.

The Information Update and Review manager is designed to encourage a common desired behaviour for the employees of the company. Management will also have recorded evidence of engagement and commitment, which may be presented to employees in the process of further investigation, feedback (in the form of group discussions), or where management may need to obtain further information (in the form of surveys, observations and training) with regard to standard practices.

Information data centres (portals) are structured to identify departments within the company from where the employee may enter possible behaviours and suggestions for improvement, and/or illustrate good performance by the company.

All information captured is stored within the station and simultaneously sent to the central database, so behaviour is tracked and suggestions from employees are also screened. The program allows for an employee to have first-hand access to an electronic version of the company policies and guidelines applicable to procedures.

The system provides accuracy by identifying the “what, where, how, when and by whom” principle, what the possible direct causes could be for the occurrence, and who can be assigned the task of controlling the situation. Employees are also given the opportunity to provide suggestions for improvement.

The program has been developed to involve all organisational participants, and to ensure that, through a speedy early warning approach, the work performance delivered can be beneficial to the company, the health and safety of employees and the environment. Together we can make all working environments safer and healthier.

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