Pest control gets a revamp with myRentokil

Pest control gets a revamp with myRentokil

Rentokil has made changes to its PestNetOnline service. The improved system, dubbed myRentokil, has more features, a user-friendly interface and real-time data collection

Pest infestations have the potential to cause devastation to a company’s profit margin, as well as long-term damage to the brand and reputation. A proactive approach is therefore needed. Rentokil’s online pest-management system offers clients exactly that with real-time data collection.

“With myRentokil, customers are choosing a proactive way of managing pest control across one or many locations, with live reporting and real-time actions. Multiple sites can be monitored from a single platform and digital records allow better traceability for risk management,” says Mario Pluke, national technical and training manager at Rentokil South Africa.

“Anything that a client wishes to know about the pest control delivered to their business is available online, and in real time, meaning that risk to the business can be dealt with as it arises, rather than once it has developed into a full-blown catastrophe,” he adds.

The system, which is based on the previous online pest-management system PestNetOnline, has a user-friendly interface, improved charting systems and multi-site views. In addition, a myRentokil mobile app is available free of charge to support pest management.

The system also has improved key features, such as allowing the comparison of data from each unit or detector. All of these systems assist in ensuring that pest control is well managed and that the documentation is comprehensive, which simplifies compliance to the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) approach.

“All the necessary pest-control documentation for audits is in one place and is always accessible. Real-time data ensures that all pest-control records are complete and up-to-date for visits by the auditor,” notes Pluke.

Customers can also follow recommendations made on the system. The pest-prevention recommendations are given a priority status, which allows for better risk management.

Although based online, the system is secure. There are access-control lists, hashed passwords, a secure protocol, secure server backups and a maximum of five login attempts are allowed before an account locks down as a safety precaution. Currently, myRentokil is available only to Rentokil clients.

“Investing in pest control is critical. Rentokil research confirms that pest controllers today need to do more than just eliminate pests. A proactive approach to pest control can significantly reduce business disruption, which is what we aim to do with myRentokil,” Pluke concludes.

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