NOSA knows its stuff

NOSA knows its stuff

NOSA is a leading global supplier of occupational risk management services and solutions – and the most widely recognised brand in the SHEQ risk management industry.

NOSA, a wholly owned subsidiary of MICROmega Holdings, is the exclusive provider of the renowned NOSA Five Star Grading System and the equally well regarded SAMTRAC (Safety, Health and Environmental Management)training course.

In the past 60 years, NOSA has become synonymous with health and safety compliance. The organisation has traditionally been known for its auditing, training, and consulting services, along with its range of media products such as health and safety DVDs and posters. However, with current pressures on companies to priortise occupational health and safety in the workplace, there has been an increased demand for NOSA’s products and services – and this in turn has contributed to the company’s growth and diversification.

Working at heights

NOSA is a member of the Institute for Working at Heights in the Height Safety and Specialist Fall Arrest Chamber, and provides the full spectrum of height safety services – ranging from basic working at heights training and SETA-accredited advanced fall arrest rescue courses, through to installations of safety systems, the creation of fall protection plans and the provision of height safety equipment.

NOSA knows its stuffIn terms of South Africa’s Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993, all work done at an elevation of two metres and higher requires a fall protection plan. Such plans must incorporate training, equipment, procedures and methodology to address relevant risks. This all forms part of the Working at Heights solution offered by NOSA. The company also offers Working at Heights safety training courses, presented by qualified and experienced practitioners, at academies across southern Africa or on-site at the client’s premises. It officially opened the doors to its first Working at Heights Training Academy in Centurion in August this year.

Occupational hygiene services

Services offered by NOSA comprise the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, communication and control of environmental stressors in, or arising from, the workplace that may result in injury, illness, impairment, or affect the well-being of employees. NOSA Occupational Hygiene Services operates as an Approved Inspection Authority. The company provides training for occupational hygiene services on-site or at its own training venues. It offers various stages of training for managers, supervisors and employees, and provides educational presentations, DVDs and posters to enhance the learning experience.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

NOSA has partnered with several PPE companies. The idea behind these partnerships is that the workforce will continuously be engaging with the NOSA brand and what it represents. Each time a worker puts on protective clothing, they will see the NOSA logo and this will hopefully affirm what the NOSA safety systems represent in
the workplace.


SHEQ management is one of the key challenges facing global mining firms in Africa, and NOSA is well positioned to assist in mitigating this risk. The division offers its mining clients consulting and auditing services, as well as mine management training and mentoring programmes. It also offers integrated malaria management and reptile risk training, both critical risk areas for mine workers.

South Africa is following the global trend towards best practice in the SHEQ field, and NOSA expects this to continue – not least of all because of the increasingly stringent application and enforcement of related legislation both locally and internationally.

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