Nearly 30 Noscars and still aspiring for more

A proud Thabo Modumaela – SGB-Cape’s national health, safety and environmental manager – showing off the company’s accolades.

Dubbed the “ultimate benchmark in occupational health, safety and environmental management”, the Noscar Awards are revered by all in these disciplines. We talk to Thabo Modumaela, SGB-Cape’s national health, safety and environmental manager, about these accolades.

What does “occupational health and safety” mean to SGB-Cape, and how do you pursue it?

Occupational health and safety is our core value. We want to achieve our Zero Harm goal by ensuring that employees go back home safely, and in good health, after work.

We pursue our goals by investing in the skills development of our people. We continue to improve our systems by introducing new products and new technology.

SGB-Cape, a division of Waco Africa, subjects itself to vigorous internal and external risk-based audits – building on past achievements as benchmarks – while striving to beat our stellar health, safety and environmental (HSE) records.

What are your sentiments regarding the Noscar Awards, and what do they mean to the company?

For me, these awards are like the “HSE Oscars”. They celebrate and recognise the excellence in achieving great HSE standards and, ultimately, ensuring that peoples’ lives are safeguarded.

They inspire us to improve on our past achievements and motivate us to want to win more awards into the future.

These awards also demonstrate that a company is doing something right. It’s great when efforts to establish a healthy and safe work environment are recognised.

What value do these accolades add to the industry?

They instil a sense of pride, both for individuals and organisations, and they add value and trust to a brand.

How many Noscars did the company win this year and how many have you won thus far?

We won nine this year, and 17 in previous years, which brings it to 26 Noscars that we have won in total to date.

Why did SGB-Cape win these awards?

This year we have won more awards than in any previous year – we even won an international award in the CMB 253 (integrated HSE certification) Sector F category.

Management’s passion and commitment to investing in health and safety has definitely led to all these accolades.
Our appetite to improve our standards is growing and we are our own critics – hence a continual-improvement campaign is gaining ground from a wide variety of people in our organisation.

What are your health and safety plans going forward?

We are on a journey towards health and safety excellence – that destination can only be reached through a Zero Harm goal achievement at all SGB-Cape branches.

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