Morocco follows Sweden’s renewable energy lead

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Mustapha Bakkoury, President of Masen, has visited Sweden to meet with governmental energy agencies and Swedish Technology Provider, Cleanergy AB, to continue the development of Morocco’s avant-garde strategy for renewable energy.

With Morocco’s optimal weather conditions and Sweden’s innovative technology solutions in mind, the parties discussed Sweden’s energy strategy and goals for renewables, collaborative efforts between the two countries and the Moroccan roadmap to being a global leader within renewable energy.

“We are positioning ourselves as a major player in the renewables sector on a global level. Morocco has set an ambitious objective of 52 percent renewables within its energy mix by 2030,” says Bakkoury.

“Relations with Sweden are part of the strategy to accomplish this, as well as our interest for innovative, state-of-the-art solar power generation technologies.”

Prior to this visit Cleanergy AB signed an agreement with Morocco to deliver concentrated solar power (CSP) technology to the country.

“Since 2016, they have the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant and by 2018 they will supply power to nearly two million people all over Morocco. We see this aggressive plan and expansion as an opportunity to enter the African solar power market and collaborate with Masen on development of the CSP technology,” says Jonas Eklind, President of Cleanergy AB.

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