More gases, less time

More gases, less time

MSA Africa’s gas detection product manager, Robbie Taitz, says that the ALTAIR5X multi-gas detector, which boasts advanced photo ionisation detection (PID) technology, is a top-of-the-range instrument that offers supreme safety, reliability and ease of use in a wide variety of industrial applications.

“This portable multi-gas detector features an integrated PID device, which swiftly identifies volatile organic compound (VOC) gases – such as flammable Toluene and Xylene. It detects these gases before they quickly evaporate and dissipate,” says Taitz.

It also features wireless capabilities to ensure that the user can remotely monitor flammable and toxic gases on a continuous basis, thanks to user-friendly software, which is compatible with any Android-powered smartphone.

Furthermore, the ALTAIR5X PID Wireless unit offers the user the ability to change the VOC selection software in the instrument, which adapts the ionisation voltage to the target gas expected in the environment.

It is also able to detect the target gas in one area and then, with a quick adjustment, the instrument can be moved into another area to detect another type of VOC.

Taitz adds that the instrument has an efficient pump that draws in the sample and offers a rapid reaction time. “The ALTAIR5X PID allows for the selection of nearly 80 of the most common VOCs at the push of a button. What’s more, it provides a wireless signal of the detected gas readings, including the VOC reading, up to 100 m away in an open area.”

The ALTAIR5X PID Wireless has a built-in recording data logging. It features a colour screen and a standard alarm, which is typically louder than 95 dB, for all gases. The unit is also less of a burden than its competitors, as the device is typically 30 to 40 percent lighter than most other PID gas detectors in the market. It is also highly robust and can withstand a three-metre drop.

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