Many ways to be water wise!

Many ways to be water wise!

Jürgen Tietz, thought leader and professional speaker, recently had an experience that gave him a new appreciation for how precious water really is in this country.

“Many of us who have running water take it for granted and, as a result, forget how easy it is to abuse water usage!” he says.

“I recently spent a week at a private game lodge, in the tented camp, right in the middle of the bushveld. Being able to get back to nature was a most enriching experience. The peace and quiet of the bush really makes one appreciate the environment.

“At this time of the year, especially during current times of drought, the veld is dry and the ground hungry for water, but the rains are still far away,” he elaborates.

“We had access to water in a can and hand basin, as well as a shower, although it provided only a low-pressure trickle of water. We were pleasantly surprised at how much less water one uses under these circumstances,” says Tietz.

As such, he suggests that we all look at where we are using running water.

“Apart from doing the basics required by law, look at what you can do NOW to save water. These are things we should be doing all the time for the future sustainability of our planet, not only when there is a drought or low-rain situation,” Tietz advises.

There are more ways to save water than you’d think … check out this list of more than 100 ways to save water.

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