Making every drop count

Making every drop count

Mega Water Corporation is tackling the challenge of South Africa’s water security head-on. The Gauteng-based company is South Africa’s first emerging business to operate in the water-industry sector. It was founded just over a year ago to deliver integrated, sustainable solutions within the water industry.

“Demand for water remains high in South Africa and is likely to continue rising,” says founder and CEO Rudy Roberts. “In 2014, it was estimated that nationally one in ten households still had no access to piped or tap water and one in 20 households still had no toilet or were using a bucket toilet.”

“The widespread drought that we are currently suffering clearly makes it difficult to extend quality water supply and is already resulting in water-shedding in parts of the country,” says Roberts.

The overall picture is of an ageing and deteriorating water infrastructure, polluted water sources and poorly managed dams, water treatment and sewerage plants – in addition to the challenge posed by the drought.

“Private-sector participation by companies like Mega Water can help provide innovative and efficient solutions, revolutionising our country’s water supply,” he adds.

Mega Water and its strategic partners have already successfully provided clean piped water to Free State homes for the Naledi Trust. This was achieved by innovatively rehabilitating existing groundwater supply using a renewable energy source. The company also expects to install 40 boreholes by the end of this year, delivering a further 140 boreholes within the next five years.

The company has also secured the rights to supply chlorine-gas dosing systems to municipal water-treatment plants across the country, having deployed more than 30 in Greater Gauteng, with the rehabilitation or installation work on a further 70 plants due over the next five years.

“In addition, we have completed three comprehensive Water Utility Audits on major hospitals for the Free State Department of Health, covering security of water supply, chilling plants, disinfection, energy savings, and hygienic wastewater management and removal. We know such services are vital for the health and welfare of all South Africans so we continually research international best practice to find solutions that can help all stakeholders realise the ambition of equitable water delivery for all,” Roberts concludes.

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