Local is lekker

Local is lekker

A new R300-million, 23 000 m2 manufacturing facility, regardless of what it will produce, is definitely something to get excited about … but DCD Wind Towers offers an even greater reason to smile! It marks a new era for South Africa’s renewable power-generation capabilities, while contributing to the long-term stability of national electricity supply.

Located at the Coega Industrial Development Zone (IDZ), in the Eastern Cape, the manufacturing facility of DCD Wind Towers is a joint initiative between the DCD Group, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and the Coega Development Corporation (CDC).

Ayanda Vilakazi, head of marketing and communications at CDC, says: “We want to attract investors to the Coega IDZ who are able to add value to the supply chain and align with national government’s drive for localisation of manufacturing, especially in the renewable sector where there are many gaps for high-tech innovation and manufacture. A prime example of the success of this approach is DCD Wind Towers.”

IDC senior account manager for the metal, transport and machinery products unit, Joseph Sithole, believes that the manufacturing sector is of tremendous importance to South Africa’s long-term economic prospects. He suggests that the establishment of the DCD Wind Towers manufacturing facility is the first step in boosting investor confidence within the renewable sector.

“Facilities such as this create direct jobs, while sustaining a large number of jobs in raw material supply and service sectors,” he states.

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