Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power

International SOS and Control Risks launched the latest module in their travel preparedness suite for business travellers, risk managers and expatriates. Women’s Security eLearning provides practical tips and actionable advice for the female traveller.

Paul O’Brien, regional security director, Southern and East Africa at International SOS, explains: “Female travellers have different risk profiles and considerations to those of male travellers. We have found that while women have continued to rise through the ranks and are travelling more and further than ever before, for their careers, some organisations have been slow to implement policies and programmes to keep up with the unique needs of their changing workforce.”

An analysis of travel itineraries from International SOS’s TravelTracker shows a 13 percent year-on-year increase of women travelling abroad for business. In addition, women travellers are increasingly travelling to destinations that are rated as having “high” or “extreme” travel risks.
O’Brien continues: “It’s an organisation’s duty of care to reduce risks to their employees. Pre-travel advice and personal security training should be provided to all employees, regardless of gender, as part of an organisation’s travel risk-mitigation programme. Unfortunately, the majority of organisations still do not offer their employees training on how to mitigate risks while travelling.”

International SOS and Control Risks provide a suite of Travel Risk eLearning modules to help prepare employees. The Women’s Security eLearning provides information about the most common threats faced by women travellers, and strategies to mitigate those risks.

Click here for more information and recommendations for the female traveller, and the full Travel Risk eLearning suite of training products.

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