Kia gets environmental certificates

Kia Motors has been awarded three environmental certificates by TÜV Nord, an independent technical inspection organisation, in recognition of the strong eco-credentials of its three newest models.

The low tailpipe emissions of the new Kia Picanto, Rio and Optima, plus the advanced manufacturing processes used, resulted in all three models being certified according to the ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The LCA inspection examines the environmental impact of both the car and its manufacturing process throughout the course of its lifetime, taking into account factors such as choice of materials, engine exhaust emissions and recycling.

Kia’s manufacturing facility in Zilina was certified in 2008 as an “environmentally-friendly” facility, earning an ISO 14001 international certificate of environmental management. The plant employs cutting-edge technology to ensure that production and waste management have a minimal impact on the environment. The Kia Sportage compact CUV, which is manufactured at Zilina as well as in Korea, was also awarded LCA status by TÜV Nord in 2010.

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