Kaspersky launches new defence against cyber attacks

Kaspersky launches new defence against cyber attacks

In this digital age we live in, security is the one thing we have to be extra vigilant about. Cybercrime, especially hacking, has been on the rise for a few years now, and it’s clear that we need to be as protected as possible, and especially protect our businesses.

Kaspersky Lab recently announced a major expansion of its enterprise security product portfolio with a solution designed to detect targeted attacks.

Every day Kaspersky Lab processes 310 000 new malicious files, and has discovered that businesses such as Equation, Poseidon and Desert Falcons have become victims of targeted attacks.

According to the IT Security Risks Survey 2015, conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, nine percent of organisations globally and seven percent in South Africa said they have experienced a targeted attack in the last year.

Conventional protection technologies are very good at preventing generic threats and attacks from breaching the corporate perimeter, but targeted attacks are the biggest concern. While these threats represent a tiny fraction of the entire landscape, they present the highest risk to companies worldwide.

The Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform is a premium solution based on the most advanced technology to date. It draws on Kaspersky Lab’s expertise in the detection and analysis of the world’s most sophisticated threats.
“Kaspersky Lab has vast experience in threat intelligence and a long history of discovering some of the world’s most high-profile advanced persistent threats,” says Christian A. Christiansen, IDC program vice president, security products.

The Anti Targeted Attack Platform is designed to identify and highlight unusual actions that constitute strong evidence of malicious intent. Suspicious events are then processed via different engines, including an Advanced Sandbox and a Targeted Attack Analyzer for a final verdict.
The Advanced Sandbox provides a safe, isolated and virtualised environment for analysing suspicious objects and detecting their intent. The Targeted Attack Analyzer utilises data processing and machine learning technologies to assess and combine verdicts from different analysis engines. Additional technologies that help to reduce false positive alerts include Kaspersky Lab’s own anti-malware engine to rule out generic attacks that can be blocked by traditional solutions, URL analysis, threat data feeds delivered from Kaspersky Lab’s cloud security network, an Intrusion Detection System and support for custom rules to detect specific activity in a corporate network.

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