Iveco Brazil opens one of world’s most ecological buildings

Iveco Brazil opens one of world’s most ecological buildings

Iveco, a Fiat Industrial company, opened its first “eco-sustainable” dealership in Brazil on December 1, 2011. The building, considered among the most ecological worldwide, has been designed from the outset to ensure the maximum reduction of waste and the opportunity to reuse materials.

The new Jundiaí Mercalf dealership is located in Jundiaí, about 80 km from Sao Paulo, and its geographical position allows it to use solar power throughout much of the day to produce energy. The building also features a host of other energy conscious and environmentally friendly initiatives. Those include a grass roof, which has the turf laid over several layers of recycled materials, and one layer of asphalt to reduce the internal temperature of the showroom by up to 6°C – thus limiting the requirement for air-conditioning – as well as special pipes that channel rain water collected on the roof to a 15 000 litre tank.  The 18 000 square metre property is also covered with a special type of concrete brick that absorbs rain water.

The new dealership is the first sustainable commercial vehicle dealership in Brazil and Iveco’s 100th in the country

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