International SOS launches new travel risk map


International SOS, together with Control Risks, has launched Travel Risk Map 2016 to help organisations better understand the risks in the markets in which they operate and travel.

International SOS _ the world’s leading medical and travel security company _ has published a Health Risk Map since 2010. It has now been renamed Travel Risk Map 2016 and is the industry’s first integrated medical and travel security risk map.

The Travel Risk Map displays each country’s medical risk rating and travel security risk rating. The result is a comprehensive overview of risks by destination.

Rob Walker, head of information and analysis at International SOS and Control Risks, says that education, information and training are vital to helping employees understand and mitigate threats to their personal safety while travelling abroad.

A recent Ipsos Global Advisor study found that, before they travel, less than four out of ten travellers research crime at the destination including: neighbourhoods to avoid, safety standards of public transport, or security features of their accommodation.

Dr Irene Lai, medical director of information and analysis for International SOS, says: “We created the Travel Risk Map to help travellers align their pre-trip preparations proportionately with the risks they may encounter in a particular location.

“Even in countries with a low medical risk rating and state-of-the-art medical services, travellers may still need assistance with language, or navigating an unfamiliar health care system _ both of which can be significant barriers to obtaining proper care.”

Learn more about Travel Risk Map 2016 and view the map online at An interactive digital version is also available.

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