Harnessing comfort and safety

Harnessing comfort and safety

The correct use of advanced fall protection solutions ensures the safety of employees working at height. The latest design features of the new Evotech full-body industrial harness from MSA, offer improved comfort, ease of use, durability and user safety.

Made to EN 361:2002, EN 358:1999 and EN 1497:2007 quality standards, the Evotech harness is ideally suited to numerous industries, including oil and gas, mining, petrochemical and construction.

Says MSA Africa product manager for fall protection, Emmanuel Manaka, “Comfort is an essential aspect for workers that are suspended at height for prolonged periods, and the MSA Evotech harness comes standard with breathable padding complete with moisture wicking material to keep the user cooler, especially in the harsh African climate.”

The harness also boasts a sub-pelvic strap with patented variable- width webbing, providing 50 percent more surface area for improved weight distribution and comfort, as well as the elimination of a binding edge on the shoulder padding to prevent neck chafing. A patent-pending leg strap design keeps leg straps in place for increased mobility and comfort, and leg- strap padding offers additional comfort during work positioning.

Another distinct advantage of the harness is its ease of use, Manaka adds: “Colour contrasting thigh and torso straps allow for simplified donning, while single hand torso buckles simplify harness adjustment. A built-in RFID chip ensures that the harness can be easily tracked and inspected at any time, while a three-position back D-ring allows for easy lanyard connection.”

The harness is abrasion resistant and repellent to dirt, grease and moisture. Reflective webbing is integrated into the harness webbing in order to increase visibility in low light environments.

“The Evotech harness is available in three different sizes to fit a wide range of body types and sizes, and comes standard in four different harness versions to ensure that the correct protection is being provided for a specific job,” Manaka concludes.

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