Happy feet

Happy feet

Studies show that chronic pain negatively affects job performance, concentration and personal interactions. It can even cause depression … Beier Safety Footwear is tackling this problem, feet first.

According to a Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine article, The Burden of Pain on Employee Health and Productivity, pain is one of the leading causes of both worker absenteeism, in which an employee must take time away from work, and worker “presenteeism,” in which an employee’s overall effectiveness at work is limited.

“A worker with painful feet increases production expenses through lost time and raises healthcare costs for employer and employee alike,” adds Allan Prinsloo, Beier’s marketing and export manager. This KwaZulu-Natal based safety footwear supplier, which produces a wide range of products under the Bova and Sisi brand names, is tackling this problem head-on.

“We engineered the Trax range comprising five pairs that meet the rigorous requirements laid down by the Podiatry Association of South Africa (PASA) – earning its highly sought-after stamp of approval,” Prinsloo points out. He adds that organisations like the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) also set footwear standards, but they focus on material, technology and durability to protect consumers. “PASA assesses the entire shoe focusing on how design affects health.”

PASA members are, furthermore, medical professionals who specialise in footwear development and assessment. “The committee focuses on research to create products with high health value,” says Prinsloo. “They also work with manufacturers like us to develop footwear in respect of foot anatomy and physiology.”

Designs are developed using measurements and shape proportions that match the foot, avoiding issues caused by poor footwear. “Over 34 parameters are evaluated before designs receive PASA approval,” Prinsloo explains.

He adds that flexible footwear, which encourages circulation, is vital to avoid fatigue and blood pooling in the feet. “The Trax range has podiatry-approved styles with flared angles, widths and flexibilities that no other safety shoe, local or imported, have. Designed in collaboration with leading podiatrists, the range offers extra comfort to workers who are on their feet all day. Trax shoes have a wider, flexible sole allowing the wearer’s feet to function and move naturally, while promoting blood flow.”

The range is also lighter to assist muscle action. The steel toecaps are distinctly wider, with an increased toe box depth, to accommodate a variety of toe lengths and diameters. Additional benefits include shock absorption, ample space for feet, reduced fatigue, aches and pains.

“The Trax range is a result of Beier Safety Footwear’s quest to provide the best protection for the world’s workers in every industry. It’s another example of Beier’s special brand of home-grown innovation, harnessed for the protection and improved health of all.”

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