GMSA increases environmental commitment

GMSA increases environmental commitment

Since the announcement of a dedicated full-time environmental team in 2012, General Motors South Africa (GMSA) has been constantly investigating better ways to make the company a greener organisation. Reducing the amount of waste material has been a key priority for this team in reaching a set target of zero waste to landfill by 2015.

Non-recyclable waste, produced during the manufacturing process, is measured by kilogram per vehicle produced. GMSA’s Port Elizabeth plants measured 34 kg of waste per vehicle in 2008. Through the meticulous work of the team, that amount took a considerable drop to 11 kg per vehicle in 2013. Waste has already been reduced by 60 percent; currently measuring at 9 kg per vehicle. The target for 2014, is to bring it down to 5,5 kg per vehicle.

GMSA generates more than 100 types of waste. Angus Clark, head of plant engineering at GMSA, says that over half of the 1 546 tonnes of waste wood and timber collected from the Struandale plant was turned into useful wooden products last year.

Nine companies, including the EC Wood factory in Uitenhage, have created job opportunities for 160 people by collecting and reusing or recycling the waste wood. Items such as wooden pallets and timber crates are collected and then used in the production of bed bases, bunk beds, couches, tables, chairs benches and other furniture. New crates and pallets are also made from the waste wood and used by exporters in the Eastern Cape.

GMSA is committed to leaving a green footprint by reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill and encouraging recycling, while also contributing to creating jobs and business opportunities for small entrepreneurs.

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