Get out of that ivory tower!

Get out of that ivory tower!

Continual improvement to risks and controls requires a holistic approach, something on which IsoMetrix bases its solutions

One of the dangers of risk identification and management is that it can easily remain an ivory tower exercise. How many of us have had excellent strategy meetings, identified the risks, prepared minutes that include a number of actions and then had to repeat the whole performance a few months later – because not much happened in the interim?

The IsoMetrix approach to managing risk, whether it is in safety, health, environment, or enterprise risk, is to drive accountability through visibility. Only what is measured can be improved and unless people are assigned direct responsibilities that are measured and monitored, the continual improvement philosophy underpinning the ISO standards will be hobbled.

It is important for software solutions that manage risk to be deployed at an operational level. Controlling risk should be a regular activity, not a single event that is prioritised once a year. One of the strengths of the IsoMetrix approach lies in the Central Action Manager that acts as a repository for all actions generated within the health, safety environment and community (HSEC) or enterprise risk solutions, whether in minutes of meetings, from risk controls, incidents or audit findings.

Focusing on ensuring that all actions assigned to individuals are closed out and having automated notifications alerting them when they are soon to be overdue, is a simple and effective way of driving continual improvement.

The IsoMetrix dashboards show all current and outstanding actions and allow drilldown into the record itself. Added to this is a powerful ability to analyse trends and exceptions, enabling management to adopt a proactive approach to managing risks. Of course, prevention is always cheaper than cure.

In terms of managing risk, having non-integrated point solutions for enterprise risk, occupational health and safety and environmental management, is inefficient and leads to duplication. A holistic view of risks and controls across all disciplines leads to better decision making, lower IT overheads and tighter management control.

IsoMetrix management solutions therefore bring together the key functionalities needed by management to ensure that a comprehensive, seamlessly integrated and fully customisable governance and compliance routine operates across all divisions.

The various IsoMetrix solutions are built on an agile application framework, which allows non-technical people to quickly and easily configure solutions to their requirements, thus enabling a high level of alignment with the business methodologies of the enterprise.

All the IsoMetrix suite analytics are powered by QlikView. The QlikView business intelligence analytics allow you to stop guessing and start knowing how to make fast, smart decisions. They further assist the user in obtaining a bird’s-eye view, enabling an immediate drilldown to any aspect requiring attention.

Well known within the SHEQ market, IsoMetrix now offers solutions for sustainability, enterprise risk, resettlement and occupational health and safety, thereby providing a fully integrated solution across all disciplines of governance, risk and compliance.

Get out of that ivory tower!

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