Gas detection now more convenient

Gas detection now more convenient

In a world with so much commercial competition, it’s not surprising that products are becoming more user-friendly and adding value. These trends are affecting the gas detection field, and have seen Honeywell launch innovative products to reduce time and cost.

When it comes to effective portable fleet management, devices such as the MicroDock II automatic test and data logging station from BW Technologies by Honeywell – and its accompanying Fleet Manager II software – can help to dramatically simplify fleet management and also enhance on-site safety. In fact, by automating necessary activities such as bump testing and data logging with a device like MicroDock II, businesses can reduce the time spent maintaining portable fleets by up to 40 percent.

MicroDock II is compatible with the full range of portable gas detectors from BW Technologies by Honeywell. A unit can be clicked into the docking station, and the user can perform a bump test or transfer data from the unit. Test gas levels are controlled and minimal training is required to use the device, reducing the time spent testing and ensuring the portable unit is ready to detect gas effectively. MicroDock II also verifies sensor integrity and response time, as well as audio and visual alarms – ensuring that devices are ready to detect the presence of gas and alert and protect personnel.

When combined with its accompanying Fleet Manager II software, MicroDock II allows a store manager to cut the time spent issuing a new portable device to an operator as there are no paper trails or forms. Further, paperwork such as fleet status reports and calibration certificates can be automatically generated by the MicroDock II when used with the Fleet Manager II software.

MicroDock II and Fleet Manager II help to facilitate compliance to site standards, while also delivering cost savings and cutting routine device maintenance.

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