Gaining insight, sharing knowledge

Gaining insight, sharing knowledge

With Saiosh members and non-members at Noshcon 2016, the association used its presence at the event to meaningfully add to the pool of knowledge

As a recognised annual event, where top speakers can share their knowledge and experiences with delegates from all fields of occupational health and safety (OHS), Noshcon continues to raise the bar.

“Nosa does not introduce speakers who have the ‘same old, same old’ approach. There is always a search for new ideas, new approaches, new concepts and new programmes,” says Neels Nortjé, CEO, South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Saiosh).

Noshcon 2016 provided Saiosh with the opportunity to showcase its membership levels and the benefits available to members and visitors. Encouragingly, says Nortjé, a large number of enquiries came after delegates had listened to speakers highlighting the need for “professional competence” among OHS practitioners.

Gaining insight, sharing knowledgeNortjé elaborates: “Most speakers focused on three main points. First, management needs to lead by acknowledging their role and setting an example. Second, the practice of reducing accidents and harm in the workplace is not a matter of ‘them and us’; it is a team effort. Third, the biggest emphasis was on creating change in culture, behaviour and attitude; where all employees realise the value of ‘do no harm’ and actively buy into the process.”

Nortjé was invited to be a panellist during the opening debate session on day two. “The panel fielded a large number of questions and, as a consequence, a number of delegates further enquired about Saiosh, what it does and what it offers OHS practitioners,” he says.

With around 7 000 individual and more than 350 corporate members, Saiosh aims to keep its members informed in a number of ways. These include:

• The annual Saiosh conference, with 11 speakers, which attracts over 250 delegates.

Gaining insight, sharing knowledge• Continuing professional development OHS workshops, in five major centres around the country, free to members.

• Three newsletters are issued each month.

• Notification to any changes made to the more than 800 OHS Acts.

• A 20-module, e-learning programme. An additional e-learning programme is currently under negotiation.

• Saiosh distributes SHEQ MANAGEMENT magazine free to members in good standing.

“With each Noshcon event, Nosa pushes the OHS field of professionals to reach for new heights, in the name of getting accidents down and workers home safely to their families at the end of the work day,” he concludes.

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