Fire-suppression solutions for the food-and-beverage industry

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Fire and Security Techniques offers a range of inert gas and chemical-agent fire-suppression solutions that are ideal for protecting supply chain systems in the food-and-beverage industry.

The company provides effective and safe solutions that are tailored food-and-beverage applications. It also ensures the occupants can breathe in instances where fire erupts.

Neil Hughes, CEO of Fire and Security Techniques, comments that when setting up a processing facility, retail supplier or commercial farm, the value of the equipment and infrastructure is substantial. Hence it is essential for companies to have resilient fire-suppression systems in place to safeguard those vital assets.

“Much of the technology and panelling used in cold-storage facilities, in particular, is quite flammable. Here the use of standard water sprinklers to douse any fires is not always sufficient.” It is best to tackle a fire at source, and prevent it from spreading before it becomes totally unmanageable.

“Many end users in the cold-storage supply chain have experienced substantial losses from fire damage due to the use of water-based fire-suppression systems. These are doubly problematic as they also result in a new hazard of ice build-up once initiated, which poses a safety risk for workers,” explains Hughes.

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The Inergen fire-suppression solution is environment-friendly, as its extinguishing principal is oxygen replacement. The sea-level oxygen content of 20,9 percent is reduced by 10 percent to 14 percent, at which point common fires are extinguished. (Other extinguishing agents simply lower the oxygen level to below the flame threshold.)

“The aim is to control and contain any fire incidents, thus preventing serious fire-related damage at clients’ operations, using Fire-Eater Inergen IG 541, and an application suited to fire-detection systems. The solution is available as an engineered or pre-engineered solution,” he notes.

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