Fighting pollution everywhere

Fighting pollution everywhere

Drizit is a specialist oil and chemical pollution control company operating throughout Southern Africa. Founded in 1975, it manufactures a wide range of oil and chemical absorbents under licence to overseas principals. This enables it to have continued access to the latest international pollution control technology, while still being able to adapt products to local conditions.

Oil and chemical absorbents enable laboratories, chemical plants, industry and Hazmat (hazardous material) responders to safely control accidents involving toxic and other hazardous materials, whether aqueous or hydrocarbon-based. Oil absorbents are more efficient where hydrocarbons must be removed from water, such as during heavy rain.

Drizit manufactures a range of Hazmat and oil spill response trailers which have become one of the standards for Southern Africa. These units were developed as the direct result of Drizit’s work as a spill clean-up contractor, and incorporate years of hard-won experience.

In many circumstances, industry requires recovery equipment which is capable of removing oils from cooling water, effluent and storm-water systems, as well as from roads and harbours after accidents. To meet these varying needs, Drizit offers a wide range of disc, vacuum and rope/tube skimmers, as well as oil/water separators with capacities from 300 l to 300 tonnes per hour. For oil containment operations, which are an essential part of spill and fire control, a number of containment booms and products are available.

The company also supplies various spill kits to assist in on-site clean-ups, and offers free certificate-based training on spill prevention and clean-up. This hands-on instruction provides an ideal opportunity for different industry sectors to gain knowledge of pollution prevention solutions.

Apart from its pollution control products, Drizit also offers a 24-hour spill clean-up and specialist cleaning service. Contact the company on 0800 202 202 for spill response anywhere in Southern Africa.

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